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Hi! My name is Connie. I love to write short stories, poems, novel drafts, blurbs, pretty much anything (even research papers). I've written my first novel titled "Me & Eryn Carlo" and editing is in the works! While the book is being groomed and tweaked I hope you enjoy the short stories I've posted here on My Writer's Block. Some are fun - some are quirky - some are just plain strange. Constructive criticism is highly valued. Thanks for stopping by. Your views mean so much to me!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Have you previewed my first novel?

In the hands of a few faithful beta readers, my first novel, "Me & Eryn Carlo," is currently being scoured and devoured!

In the meantime, how about we start from the beginning?


A 20-something girl and her 30-something best friend against the world! Follow Lucy Post, a flighty solo gal, and her snide best friend, Karma Knowles, through their quest for love and the indulgences of their obsessions. For Lucy it’s the one and only newly coveted designer – Eryn Carlo. For Karma it’s … well … it’s donuts. We can’t all be perfect. Quirky and fun – this story covers designers to donuts! Enjoy the trip with Lucy & Karma … and Eryn Carlo. (Bring your own donuts…)  

Check out Chapter 1 - A New Love and enjoy the fun!

Feedback? Comments? Suggestions? They're all welcome.

I am positive that the soon-to-come constructive criticism will improve my writing and I'm looking forward to continuing toward my main goal: self-publishing my first novel.

Thanks for stopping by!


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