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Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Entry! Three-Minute Fiction: NPR (Short Story Contest)

Submitting my entry into the Three-Minute Fiction contest with NPR! How is it? :)

She’d always heard about him.
Just thinking about him made her scoff. Him.
The rumors. The stories.
He was a legend. The man’s man. The lady conqueror. Known to seduce women with the sole intention of getting what he wanted while leaving them confused as to what happened and unaware of their senses. These skills weren’t the result of a slipped drug - there was magic embraced.
She had known him before; a naïve child of seventeen. She was destroyed when his absence lingered. He didn’t harm her but he took. And he left nothing.
Despite his weak promise to return she stayed far away from him, fleeing every time she heard a rumor that he was around. Wherever she traveled ladies spoke of him. He was everywhere.
She lived in an intricate town now but word traveled through like fire, scorching the inhabitant’s minds and settling like dust from the burnt remnants.
He was here. In this town. And he’d find her.
Immediately upon entering her home she sent a message to her employer stating she was required her to leave town at once. Next she mailed an already sealed letter intended for a friend.
She was about to pack her moving trunk when the door slammed open.
He walked in with such force, grabbed her at the hips, and placed her on the counter nearby with swift movements. His hand running up her back to grab her hair he whispered, “My love, I’ve found you.” His voice was raspy and intoxicating.
“I’m surprised it took you so long.” She spoke weakly not wanting to surrender.
“You cover your tracks well.” He slid his finger lightly down her cheek. It felt like a pleasurable burn on her skin causing her whole body to ignite with love. For him. He lured her with his words, his lips caressing her ear. “Be with me, my One, and you will live under the spell of my love for a lifetime.”
Her body was numb. His words a spell. His lips the deliverers of poison.
“We leave tonight.” He commanded.
“Tonight.” She whimpered in a trance. His eyes were gray like silver moons.
Still holding onto her hair he pulled her forward for the kiss. She knew it well. It would leave her breathless. She would be dazed and confused, unable to remember her own name.
She had to escape before it was too late; before she completely lost herself. To him. To his magic. To all he wanted of her.
“If you run away, I will find you again.” And with that he vanished.
He left her with plans to return. She sighed and two lonely tears dripped from her eyes joining together at her chin.
Hurriedly she packed the necessities before he returned to collect her.
Her plan was to run away to Paris to stay with the beloved friend she mailed the prewritten letter to.
As she travelled further from her home she was overwhelmed with anguish. He would come back to find she was gone. She was offered love but it was a love predestined to fail.
On the first train in Paris there were two women discussing a very sensual and shameless man. The more they spoke the more she perked up at the conversation. Him.
Yes she’d heard about him.
And now, thinking about him made her nearly melt for her heart wanted to succumb to his magic for all the days to come.
She would never fully escape him.
He would find her again.


  1. I loved your story, best wishes on the NPR Contest...
    Take care,

  2. Well done Con.I really love this story.