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Hi! My name is Connie. I love to write short stories, poems, novel drafts, blurbs, pretty much anything (even research papers). I've written my first novel titled "Me & Eryn Carlo" and editing is in the works! While the book is being groomed and tweaked I hope you enjoy the short stories I've posted here on My Writer's Block. Some are fun - some are quirky - some are just plain strange. Constructive criticism is highly valued. Thanks for stopping by. Your views mean so much to me!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Short Story Coming Soon!

I'm working on a goodie! "The Legend of the Golden Lobster" - Intrigued? :) Say yes! :o)

Post Date is TBD but I hope to finish it this weekend.

Happy pre-hump-day!



  1. Your stories are wonderful! Much success in your writing. Keep up the excellent work.