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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Legend of the Golden Lobster

First part and still a rough draft. Suggestions are welcome. Thanks 4 reading!

The Legend of the Golden Lobster
My name was Brian. I was 22 years old when I died. I was a born athlete and a dearest friend of risk and adrenaline. Not to brag but I was a real charmer too; an attractive gentleman with brown hair, mysterious hazel eyes, and abs that made the ladies weak. It’s true.
It was May 13th – Friday the 13th to be exact - my best friend Todd and I took our boat out for a ride in the Atlantic. I couldn’t wait to feel the ocean around me, to smell it, to taste the salt.
The day was tranquil and picture-perfect. Without the wind to discourage it the boat skimmed over the gleaming glass-like water.
Not one to be superstitious about holidays like Friday the 13th (the movies were great by the way) I jumped off the boat into the clear blue water and released the air from my lungs sinking down
into the ocean’s erratic and natural currents. I instantly became one with the underwater world. For reasons I couldn’t comprehend it felt like I was adopting a water-being’s capacity for breathing without oxygen.  It was hard to explain. Yes the water was pulling me in its demanding directions – no doubt it surrounded every part of me. But what I felt was more … ordinary. The ocean wasn’t a threat to me. I didn’t feel the normal pressure on my lungs like a normal person would feel in these waters.  The sea felt like liquid gold, like energy feeding each cell of my body. At that moment it was my life source. Maybe I was just an expert swimmer and felt … I don’t know … fishy.
Just then an abrupt coiling current washed through me and I felt normal again recognizing the need for air. I was just about to swim to the surface but a lustrous light halted my ascension. It shined in my peripheral vision and harassed the corner of my left eye.  The gleaming light burned when I tried to look at it but I could have sworn that I saw something floating in it or around it or maybe even behind it. The sun beams from the sky joined with the blinding rays and reflected off of the illuminated object. Instead of swimming up towards the surface I was drawn in the light’s direction. I was an expert swimmer after all – I could last a bit longer if I really wanted to. No problem. Besides, I was curious and couldn’t forego this chance to find something extraordinary.
The radiance was arresting but I reached out my hand and uncertainly stretched and stretched my arm as far as I could while maintaining little distance from the mysterious glow. Finally a solid entity contacted my wet, cold, goose-bump covered skin. A shudder went through me and I almost released the article of luminescence. In fact I wanted to let go. But I couldn’t. It wouldn’t let me. 
I began to feel faint. Air. Oxygen. The actual fuel of my life. I held the weighty object as I would a football and swam
Eager to feel the relief of air from the world above, I broke through the surface inhaling as quickly as possible. I swam back to the boat where Todd, my best friend since pre-school, impatiently waited. He was frightened. I could tell by the way he paced back and forth on the boat. He refused to comment, however, because he knew how it annoyed me when people worried.
            Woah! What is that?!” Todd asked immediately hypnotized by the entity in my hand.
            I looked down and saw it for the first time.  The floating item that I had captured from the beckoning shine: a golden lobster. The golden lobster.
There was an ancient tale that told of the notorious lobster – if this was indeed that lobster - that if found, offered ruby jeweled eyes and other valuable stones enclosed in its mid-section. It contained riches that could solve all problems.
True to its name it was made of brilliant solid gold. Its claws were large, dominating claws and its body thick; both supported long, glittering, diamond encrusted antennae as well as a belly shielded by priceless emeralds.
It was said that many years ago there was a Spanish sailor that inherited many riches.  Jealous were those that knew him for he had every material they had ever dreamed of and at the end of each day the Spanish sailor would sleep peacefully in want of nothing.
It gave obsessive hope to the city and motivated local lobster seekers to make the golden find. The one people had spent years talking about or fixating over.
There was a downside though to this legend as there always is. The prize of the golden lobster was said to also carry an inevitable curse of burden, a curse of darkness.
Oh it had been caught before by that fortunate Spanish sailor and in the beginning it had brought wealth and affluence but soon that fortune was followed by destruction, deathly occurrences, and gloom.
The Spanish sailor’s first mate, after witnessing the wrath of the golden lobster, obtained it at last and handed it over to a nearby museum so it can be stored for eternity away from the touch of a human hand. The museum board agreed and securely hid it from the world. But not for long. The museum met with near fatal accidents that pushed them to cast the golden lobster back to its home in the deep and protective sea.
Even though the ancient legend says that the golden lobster does not have a true owner that may benefit from its gifts of fortune the people continued to speculate that there must be one person that can avoid the devastation brought forth. The One.
Finding the golden lobster
You will gain all the riches in the world
But beware of its power
Within you destruction will curl.
Its jewels you seek
To gain fortunate and wealth
But trading the jewels
Will draw cursing spells.
                        For the golden lobster cannot be tamed
                        But only by The One.
The One the golden does not ruin,
The soul beneath the sun.
     Todd stared, worry spread across his face. He fidgeted nervously on the boat. “I think you should throw it back. Now.”
            “What? The golden lobster?! Are you insane?”
            “Brian. You know what the legend says … I mean …”
     “I know what it says. But maybe there’s a reason why I found the golden lobster.” I paused. “It felt … it felt as if it was summoning me.”
To be continued…


  1. This material is right up my street very clever (Andrew West Boyd)

  2. Hi Andrew :) I appreciate the compliment (and the comment!). Thank you so much. See ya! =)